Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Detailed Stake Decoration

This very cool item was obtained and given to me by a good friend who attended the private sale of Legend of the Seeker props and wardrobe in New Zealand. We're not sure which episode it was used in just yet. It is made of a firm foam material and is staked at the bottom, so it was most likely sticking up out of the ground and used as a decoration of some sort. Nicely detailed.

Wooden Walking Stick

This very heavy wooden piece is quite solid and looks to be a type of walking stick although it seems too short to be one. Perhaps for a child? The wood is polished and very nicely crafted. The episode is unknown as of this time. This prop was obtained at the private Seeker prop and wardrobe sale in New Zealand and given to me by a friend who attended the sale. Thank you Kim!!